I strongly believe in a perfect society. By rewarding everybody in the front lines of the supply chain I aim to create economic independence. With a decent income you don't need to worry about rent, food on the table or education for your kids. This will give you a certain peace of mind which eventually leads to new thoughts and innovations. By creating a community were these ideas are shared, tried and put into action I try to build a better world for everybody. From farmers and agronomists, engineers of production machinery all the way to sales people we are all doing the best we can to showcase the full potential of the beautiful products we create. This common goal is in my opinion the best way to create a sustainable chain in the food industry.

For almost two decades I've been working with visionaire farmers, innovative processing plants and cutting edge technology all striving for excellence in our field of expertise. And by now the effects of everybody's hard work have been multiplied by the created community. Work together, believe in people and keep investing time, money and energy in your partners. Just imagine what we're capable of without any restrictions.

By bringing this all together I hope to give you a "taste of perfection".

Björn Aarts
founder Dutch Barista
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